Simple Tips on Increasing Movement Throughout Your Day

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Why move more?

We get it. Life’s busy. There is 50+ years of research touting the medicinal benefits of exercise, yet CDC data indicates that far less than 50% of Americans do it because it will cost you 150 minutes each week.

Well, hold on to your (non-sweaty) socks, because we’re here to drop a truth bomb: you can Move More without adding time into your day and disrupting your busy schedule, and STILL get health benefits like lowering blood sugar and reducing body fat mass.

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Discover clever ways to weave activity into your existing routine, so it feels less like chores and more like, well, living life! By the end, you’ll be itching to move (in the good way!), ready to share the joy with others, and maybe even discover counting stairs isn’t as easy as it seems. Let’s re-engineer your day, unleash your inner mover, and show that Moving More is something that everyone can do and doesn’t require special equipment or even additional time in your day.

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About Jim

James D. Walter, PhD (Jim) is the Founder and President of the Institute for the Preservation of Health (IPH). Motivated by the premature death of his Father at age 45, Dr. Walter tailored his education to study the factors that contribute toward the development of heart disease. He ultimately completed his PhD in Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology in 1991.